About Us

"We Do It Once, We Do It Right!"


Barry Marson, Director of Perfect Glaze Ply Ltd, has been restoring roofs professionally since 1989. Barry and the Perfect Glaze team take pride in the restoration of your roof. We don't take shortcuts or use inferior or watered down roof coatings to compete with other cheaper operators, when it comes to the protection of your most precious asset. We have built our business on pride and high quality workmanship which continues to grow through word of mouth from customer satisfaction. We get a lot of repeat business through customers who renovate houses for a living and they value our quality and reliability.

Perfect Glaze Roof restoration use only the highest quality products that have been time tested under extreme QLD conditions, rather than laboratory tested under heat lamps. The team at Perfect Glaze have been fully trained in all aspects of restoring your roof to prime and pristine condition. Quality training, supervision and ongoing support for our team are what set us apart from other roof restoration companies.

It is not only the quality of the roof coatings we use that gives you the guarantee of the highest standard, it is also in the careful preparation and the exclusive Perfect Glaze double coating application technique. All edges and angled surfaces of your tiles, iron or roof sheeting are coated consistently for the perfect finish. Ask our sales representative about our coating systems.


Here at Perfect Glaze we manufacture our own roof coatings. We have chosen two resin suppliers, BASF (known in the marketplace for over 40 years) and Hexion. One is a medium to hard resin, called UltraShield and the other is our new product Dirt Shield (a dirt resistant coating designed to repel dirt). The resins chosen are 100% pure acrylic and are regarded as a bench mark for adhesion, gloss and durability. German made Bayer oxide pigments are used in all roof membrane coatings. These pigments offer maximum light fastness ensuring the colour chosen will resist fading longer than other products on the market. No fillers or extenders are added to the colour top coats, producing the best gloss and durability balance currently available.

Whilst the costs of these products are not cheap they remain the best choice for Perfect Glaze Roof Restoration because of their Quality excellent performance and track record.

We at Perfect Glaze are the best in the coating system industry, and believe it is important that your roof be maintained to withstand extreme conditions protecting one of your most important assets... YOUR HOME.

Perfect Glaze will provide a written warranty. Ask us about our Lifetime Warranty (conditions apply).

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