"We Do It Once, We Do It Right!"

The overall quality finish and life expectancy of your roof coating begins with our cleaning and preparation. This is predominantly the most important part of our process. Ensuring there is no contaminants on your roof will guarantee the success of the coatings you choose. At the same time making certain our environment is not exposed to any unnecessary pollutants from the roof.

dam and pump waste

Step 1

Dam & pump waste water onto grass


Step 2

Replace broken tiles

clean roof

Step 3

Machine clean

pressure clean tiles

Step 4

Pressure clean ends of tiles

clean gutters

Step 5

Clean out all gutters

wash walls

Step 6

Wash external walls and paths


Step 7


flexi-point ridge capping

Step 8

Flexi point ridge capping

brush flexi pointing

Step 9

Brush finish all flexi pointing

silicon the valleys

Step 10

Silicon valleys & antenna

install whirly birds

Step 11

Install whirly birds

rise and inspect

Step 12

Rinse down & inspect prior to painting

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