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CT Primer

• Water based NANO Primer

• Chemically bonds to concrete tiles

• Revolutionary primer that helps stop paint fade.

Water based primer for concrete tiles. CT Primer is a revolutionary primer formulated using NANO Technology with adhesion promoters plus pigments to stop calcium efflorescence absorption into the paint (Helps stop paint fading).

Standard type primers cannot stop the absorption of calcium and the outcome is fading and severe damage to paint film, reducing the life span of the roof paint.

CT Primer has a very high solid percentage, giving the CT Primer Filler properties similar to a filler coat which eliminates surface variances.

CT Primer dies to a white coloured finish which cools the tile. The result being a more even dry rate with a very even paint film.

EP Primer

• Water based NANO Primer

• Ideal for colourbond and terracotta roofs

• Chemically bonds to metal and Tile surface.

Clear water based primer for colourbond and terracotta tiles. EP Primer Plus is formulated using NANO technology and has small particles sizes to give better adhesion to the surfaces.

EP Primer Plus has a very high coverage giving it good property results.


Water Based Resin

• Thicker than primer and has excellent adhesion

• Recommended for older, more porous cement roof tiles that have lost their entire colour. 

• Medium to hard sealer (thick)

The Sealer chosen by Perfect Glaze is significantly thicker than the Tile Primer, it is designed for tiles that have lost their entire glaze and is back to raw cement. The Sealer is also rapid drying and further coatings can be applied within an hour.

High Build Filler 

(Option 3 & Fibro)

Water Based Resin

• For very porous, badly worn cement tiles and fibro roofs.

• Strengthens weak tiles. 

• Smoothes the surface on tiles and fibro. 

High Build Filler is an integral part of our coating system.Being a waterborne 100% acrylic resin base High Build Filler it is designed to seal and smooth out and resurface as fibro surfaces. Being acrylic based it is extremely compatible with tile and fibro surfaces. High Build Filler offers maximum adhesion to the Epoxy Resin, Tile Primer, Sealer and any following coatings.Utilising advanced technology,the application of the filler coat on your roof will give a more consistent surface which in turn will achieve a higher gloss level giving you a better quality finish.

Water Block Roof Membrane

• Water proof membrane for iron and flat concrete roofs.

• Ideal for commercial shopping centres and factories. 

• Can be used for water tanks. 

• Can be used for shower cubicles. 

Water Block Roof Membrane, is an external and internal membrane with a very strong and high elasticity result.

Water Block Roof Membrane is suitable over metal, tile and asbestos roofs. Water block is also suitable for flat concrete high rises, commercial buildings, eg, shopping centres, factories, brick retaining walls and shower cubicles (Prior to laying tiles).

Water Block Roof Membrane also has Rust Inhibitor properties, protecting against surface rust on metal roofs.

Water Block Roof Membrane must be applied with a 2 coat application using a 6.35 size tip, creating a finish film of approximately 550/600 microns.

Water Block Roof Membrane dries with a white finish enabling a far more even dry rate, as well as acting as a cool coatings, also giving the top coat a far more even dry rate.

Must be top coated with a Ultrashield, Dirtshield or Thermal coating system.

Ultra Shield Roof Membrane

• High gloss

• Dirt resistant 

• UV and water resistant 

• Long term durability 

• Used on all roof types 

• Tested and trusted for many years 

Ultra Shield is formualted using a hard film 100% acrylic membrane. This product has a very high percentage of resin solids, plus pigment solids resulting in high colour coverage and high film result.

To realize the best result, coverage is to be @4 - 5 sqm per litre and is available in all colours.

Ultra Shield Roof Membrane holding capacity is excellent over many years and is based on a waterborne 100% pure acrylic resign designed for maximum durability.

Ultra Shield Roof Membrane contains preservatives which prevent the growth of moss and lichen, making the finish look cleaner and continue to be pleasing to the eye much longer.

Dirt Shield Roof Membrane

• Harder Resin

• NANO technology with small particles 

• Extremely hard and dirt resistant 

• Outstanding UV resistance 

• High Gloss 

Dirt shield is formulated useing a very high TG, 100% acrylic membrane. The product has very small particles making it very dirt resistant. Dirt Shield properties include very good gloss, very long life durability, plus a very low dirt and pollutant pickup.

Dirt shield is available in a wide range of colours.

Being pure acrylic, water based, high performance and now has new NANO technology which makes it very dirt resistant suitable for all roof types. It has been formulated for tropical climates using extremely hard resign, making it exceedingly durable and hard.

Dirt shield is one of the most advanced, durable, high performance acrylic resins available today which is designed to protect and beautify the colour system chosen. Dirt shield can be used on all types of roofs.

The result is a super high gloss finish which will last much longer and you will be proud to show your neighbours.

When is rains, all the dirt just washes off.

Thermal Coating

• Heat reduction in ceiling cavities

• Reflects solar and UV rays

• Best in white and light colours

• Can reduce heat by up to 40%

Pure acrylic, water based heat reflective coating. Its unique formula incorporates the latest pigment and NANO technology enabling to reduce the majority of surface heat penetrating roof and wall cavities. It is a high gloss, hard resign giving excellent adhesion and durability. White and light colours are highly recommended.

Thermal shield is a unique formula making it one of the most advanced, high performance acrylic, heat reflecting roof paints available today. It incorporates the latest pigment technology with special oxides in the thermal membrane to stop UV heat transferring through the coating.

We highly recommend the WHITE be used to achieve the best heat reduction. Light and Pastel colours are available, although they will not achieve the result that WHITE will. Your roof is the most exposed area on your building and is especially responsible for heat re-radiation into ceiling cavities and flat roof buildings. As a consequence, the inside air temperature is much hotter than the outside air temperature, creating a 'hothouse' effect.

Thermal Coating will reduce the temperature in the ceiling cavities by up to 40%, making your house much cooler as a result, while saving on electricity costs.

Neo Glaze

• New NANO technology

• Ideal for all roofs and terracotta roofs

• Helps to stop fading on coatings

• Small particle size

• Longer lasting gloss

Water based clear glaze is designed for terracotta tiles and as a final top coat film for a four coat system. Neo Glaze has a very small particle size to stop dirt pickup. Neo Glaze is formulated using a very hard resin creating a dirt resistant film.

Neo Glaze will give a much longer gloss result and due to the very high surface hardness dirt and pollutant pickup is very minimal. Being pure acrylic, water based clear Neo Glaze is purposely designed to stop fading on painted roofs, and help prevent Lichen and Algae growing on terracotta roofs.

New Neo Glaze will last longer and stay cleaner than most other coating systems.

High Clean

• Easy clean

• High Clean is chlorine free

• Used for all unpainted and pre painted roofs

• Can be used on driveways

Hi Clean is formulated to be used on terracotta roofs, pre painted roofs and driveways. Hi Clean can clean dirty roofs without excessively blasting of the roof surfaces, which causes the paint to peel. Can be sprayed through airless spray gun or a Knapsack.

This product is chlorine free, and will prevent the regrowth of Algae and Lichen.

Fungicide/Prep Treatment

Fungicide is designed to prevent mould, fungus and lichen growth on pre-painted, fibro and decrabond roofs.

This product will help prevent the regrowth of Algae and Lichen.

Flexible Pointing

Water based flexi pointing will not crack like sand and cement, but will still remain flexible. It will expand and contract with wind, heat and structural movement. It is pre mixed and pre coloured ready to use for pointing ridge caps on cement and terracotta roof tiles.

WB Rust Inhibitor

• Nano Technology

• Stops rust on metal roofs

• Water based product with Rust Inhibitor

Water Based Primer for metal using rust inhibitor ingredients. Anti-corrosive additives penetrate through the rust to the original metal encapsulating the rusted areas with a barrier impervious to oxygen.

Water Based Primer comes with a white finish which cools the metal roof giving a far more even film dry.

Water Based Primer is formulated using NANO technology with adhesion promoters.

Water Based Primer has a very high solid percentage and the outcome being a far more even film and superior finish film result.

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